What does a brake inspection include?

Inspecting your brakes are an absolute must to ensure your safety while on the road. A brake condition check includes:

  1. Check brake pedals - 3 things to check for include 1) the height (measurement of the brake pedal to the floor while at rest); 2) free play (measured by pedal movement from rest until brakes are applied); and 3) reserve distance (distance from the brake pedal to the floor when brakes are applied). Issues with your brakes will be determined if the brake pedal height is off, if there is too much free play, or if the reserve distance is incorrect.

  2. Check brake fluid - should be changed every 1 or 2 years to ensure proper working brakes.

  3. Check brake lines and hoses for cracks or leaks

  4. Check disc brakes or drum brakes

  5. Check parking (emergency) brakes